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the smart approach to protect your team


Proven innovation in design provide year round protection and confidence.

smartfabric New Zealand masks is the result of decades of working with some of the worlds greatest designers, manufactures and high-tech materials, now with a focus on creating smart, innovative and safe face masks.

Our mask’s offer a distinctive shape, use of washable quality woven fabrics, filter options and style choices that result in superior performance.

Using the world’s most innovative materials and technologies such as smartfabric and SILVERGUARD sourced from leading global suppliers we have developed and designed in New Zealand’s some of the best masks available today that support a New Zealand lifestyle.

We are passionate about face masks that offer real lifestyle benefits that are derived from innovation in design, knowledge, care and what kiwi’s need..

smartfabricnz is about changing New Zealand lives for the better. Our inspiration is knowing our masks and technologies help getting us back to nature and offer genuine protection against the harmful effects we face today.

smart safe – offers genuine protection and filter options for increased peace-of-mind


Custom style options

  • Choose the product that supports lifestyle
  • Create your own design, colour, logo, message, statement
  • Choice and levels of unique innovation and safety extras
  • From individuals to companies with low minimums and volume incentives to suit

Multi-level protection smartfabric outer and SILVERGUARD virus filter options

  • Standard – woven smartfabric polyester outer, knitted fabric and cotton linner mask linings PM2.5 filtration & > 75% virus filtration
  • Virus filter insert – reusable SILVERGUARD silver coated polyamide non-woven filters provide extra virus filtration (optional)
  • Sanitiser pouch – reusable SILVERGUARD  sanitising storage pouch to protect and sanitise your mask (optional)
  • (SILVERGUARD fabrics are made from 20% silver coated non-woven and woven polyamide fibres and have been tested, destroying 99.99% of coronaviruses)

Core design features and benefits

  • Unique smartmask ergonomic face mould profile and shape improves filtration and breathability and prevents muffled speech
  • Customisable woven smartfabric is 100% PM2.5 filtration, ≥ 75% filtration of 0.1µm particles
  • Reusable, durable, easy care, hand or machine washable and long-lasting
  • Comes in 4 sizes for fit, comfort and protection
  • Multiple colourways and custom design choice
  • Choice of adjustable ear and/or neck lanyard for increase performance
  • Optional SILVERGUARD sterilisation filters and SILVERGUARD storage pouch offering 99.9% protection
  • Value and quality make the smart choice that is based on years of experience

breathe smarter and breathe freely

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