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We combine leading technologies to deliver smart mask solutions.

smartfabric NZ partnering with key global suppliers and fabric manufacturers offers exceptional and proven protection technology options across the range.

What is smartfabric?

smartfabric is standard on all our mask outers. This woven polyester outer and cotton inner mask lining offer exceptional durability and reliability for regular use. The innovative fabric provides a filtration barrier while allowing ease of airflow and breathing. The technology delivers PM2.5 filtration & > 75% virus filtration. Therefore providing exceptional protection compared to most other standard non medical masks.


Once antibiotics were discovered, the use of silver as a bactericidal agent decreased. However, with the discovery of antibiotics came the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains such as MRSA . Due to increasing antibiotic resistance, there has been a renewed interest in using silver as an antibacterial agent.

SILVERGUARD is an infection prevention textile. A silver thread is woven into the textile to provide ongoing protection against bacteria. Clinical studies proved that 99.99% of bacteria is eliminated within a four hour period. US studies showed that some bacteria survives up to 30 days even when laundered.

Silver as an Antimicrobial. An antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or inhibits their growth. Clinical studies proved that 99.9% silver textiles kill 99.99% of microorganisms within a four hour period.


SILVERGUARD “Earth” and “Jupiter” for our smartmasknz masks

After extensive research and search we use a European manufactured SILVERGUARD fabrics     product call “Earth“ and “Jupiter” for our mask innovation and protection.After extensive research and search we use a European manufactured SILVERGUARD fabrics     product call “Earth“ and “Jupiter” for our mask innovation and protection.


Earth is a densely constructed nonwoven product. All of it‘s fibres are fully enveloped by 99.9% pure silver. We use this product for both our insert and sewn in filters. Used as a facemask layer, the inhaled air and bacteria and viruses travels through a mesh of silver covered polyamide fibres. Contact with the surface area of silver on the fibres maximizes the release of silver ions killing bacteria and improving the particle filtration effect.


Jupiter is a densely woven product in a parachute weave construction. All of it‘s filaments are fully enveloped by 99.9% pure silver. Used in our face mask pouches for sanitising the facemask when placed in the pouch as the mask is flooded with silver ions. The bacteria and viruses are neutralised in a matter of minutes. Our sterilising and sanitising facemask pouches are the perfect place to keep your mask when at home, work or play. As consumers are now more aware of the lasting danger that comes from bacteria and viruses every mask should have one.


Our mask technology has been tested by the Irish Government and complies with the European requirements of a ‘Barrier Face Mask’ to CCPC SWIFT-19 standards that is intended to reduce the risk of spread of infection in the community.

The SILVERGUARD fabrics we use, “Earth” non-woven filter fabric and “Jupiter” our woven pouch lining both contain 20% silver.  When compared with many other anti-bacterial products which claim to have anti-viral effects, but with less than 1% silver. The level of silver content is what sets SILVERGUARD apart from other products and why SILVERGUARD has proven to be so effective in lab tests. 

A recent European report concluded on three SILVERGUARD sample tests

    • A significant viral reduction was noticeable on all three samples.
    • On all samples no remaining viruses could be found after the shortest contact time. The viral reduction corresponded to a virus deactivation rate of 99.99%.
    • Conclusion: that under the test conditions, extremely high deactivating properties could be found against Bovine Coronaviruses, which was attributed to the coating on the product.
    • Another important finding relates to the speed at which viruses are destroyed. Many lab reports determine whether there is a viral reduction within 18 hours. Of course, this is not helpful for a mask. The SILVERGUARD lab tests found that the silver ions quickly penetrated the membrane of viruses, attacking their DNA and in only seconds the ability of the virus to replicate was eliminated and only after ten minutes they could confirm 100% viral destruction. This is why Silverguard “Earth” is specified for use in Facemasks.
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