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Select the mask and additional options to support your needs.


smartfabric mask accessories 

SILVERGUARD’ fabric lined sanitiser pouch – for all users seeking the ultimate care and protection from your mask. The reusable ‘SILVERGUARD’ fabric lined sanitiser pouch floods the mask with silver ions that kills and neutralises bacteria and viruses in minutes.

‘SILVERGUARD’ fabric lined sanitiser pouch

‘SILVERGUARD’ virus neutralising filter insert – the ultimate protection and safety for all filter pocket mask users delivering 24/7 reusable protection that neutralises bacteria and viruses with a SILVERGUARD silver coated polyamide non-woven filter.

‘SILVERGUARD’ virus neutralising filter insert

smart comfort – easy to wear, talk, work and play

The perfect everyday user seeking a smartfabric mask offering ease of use and flexible protection of PM2.5 filtration, filter pocket for optional additional filter (SILVERGUARD) and standard ear loops – custom orders available with adjustable grommets.

Designed for the worker looking for a quality, practical and ease of use smartfabric mask with PM2.5 filtration and adjustable hanging ear/neck lanyard for mask care while off the face.

Ideal for any businessperson seeking confidence, protection, flexibility and ease of use while engaged in daily activity.  smartfabric mask with PM2.5 filtration optional filter (SILVERGUARD) protection and adjustable hanging ear/neck lanyard for care of use while off the face.

The smart mask for students seeking reusable, flexibility in protection and ease of use during tertiary life.  smartfabric mask with PM2.5 filtration and optional (SILVERGUARD) protection with adjustable hanging ear/neck lanyard for mask care while off the face.

SILVERGUARD non-woven filter fabrics are 20% silver coated that quickly neutralises and destroys 99.99% of coronaviruses that it comes into contact with


Choose the product option that supports your mask and lifestyle needs from our smartmask options

  1. Decide on the mask type to support your needs
  2. Choose the size options required (4) from our size chart to ensure stock availability
    • Size 1 child (3-10yrs),Size 2 youth / teen, Size 3 adult (S/M) and Size 4 adult (L/XL)
  3. Decide on the mask design or style from our available options or create your own design, colour, logo or message.
  4. Choose any protection or innovation extras
    • Virus filter insert – reusable SILVERGUARD silver coated polyamide filter (1 per pack)
    • Sanitiser pouch – reusable SILVERGUARD virus killing storage pouch to protect and sanitise your mask
  5. Select unit numbers required and applicable unit volume discounts if applicable and BUY NOW

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding ordering or any other request.

Happy mask wearing and thank you for shop

We have Smartfabric facemasks to fit everybody.


smartfabric masks are NOT medical devices and are not guaranteed to prevent virus transmission.  Masks should be worn in conjuction with applicable safe distancing and regular hand washing measures.  When using a mask avoid touching your face with your hands.

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