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the smart approach
to a new world

the smart approach
to a new world

WELCOME to Smartfabric NZ

We are passionate about providing Kiwi’s the smartest mask options available


We are a passionate New Zealand company that prides itself on quality and value. Our values are – service, sustainable futures, gender equality and fairness.

smartfabric woven face masks stems from a long history of supplying and manufacturing quality custom design woven labels and badges to the New Zealand and Australian apparel industries. It’s parent company, Identity Solutions Ltd (also known as Identity’s) has been trading since 1992 and its clients have included to Fashion Designers, Clothing Manufacturers, Government Departments, Clubs & Associations, a wide range of corporate companies, universities, schools and sports organisations.

Our world revolves around bringing craft, art and technology together that supports, promotes and creates better lifestyles.

Merging our past with the future has enabled us to develop the very best in providing face mask options that support a modern and changing world with credibility you can trust.

smart thinking – based on years of experience delivering quality and value

the smart way
to stay safe

the smart way
to stay safe

smart design – offers a highly effective unique features


Bringing together the worlds greatest designers, manufacturers and high-tech materials, we produce innovative and safe face masks that offer a range of user benefits.  Its what’s behind smartfabric masks and it’s design that sets us apart from most face masks. Our re-useable masks offer a choice of interchangeable or built in filter options and fit customisation that make them so comfortable to wear and breath so you’ll forget you’re wearing one.

smartfabric face mask’s standard fully machine washable outer woven cover and lining uses smart science to deliver safety, capturing PM2.5 particles, offering > 75% virus and anti-bacterial qualities help to reduce the risk of being infected by colds and flu.  Couple this with our re-useable SILVERGUARD filters or SILVERGUARD sanitising storage pouch which destroys 100% of viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses.

smartfabric standard masks research and innovation in design has resulted the in a mask that with size options fit every face securely with the utmost comfort and protection. Its distinctive shape (parrot) means comfort, ease of use (talking, breathing), protection through extended particle capture, results in superior lifestyle performance for multiple use.

With a wide choice of coverings, patterns, colours and customisation options our masks set the standard in terms of fashion and confidence in wearability.

  • smartfabric offer a range smartmask options for a wide range of customer types from:
    • Corporate/organisations, other institutions or larger groups such as schools, tertiary etc
    • Individual customers
    • and or Resellers and trade businesses.

proudly designed in New Zealand

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